Urban Missions team of the week: Children’s Recreation at Talitha Koum

Love kids? If so, this week’s team is perfect for you!

What it is: We travel to Talitha Koum, a therapeutic day care center, to spend time playing games with the children who attend the day care. TK creates a healthy environment for at-risk children to benefit their mental health and development.

When it is: Tuesday at 6 p.m.

What we need: A few more members to spend time playing with the children at Talitha Koum each week would be a huge help to this ministry!

How to help: Meet us at the Bobo Spiritual Life Center at 6 p.m. on Tuesday to join us. Email if you have any questions!

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Apply to be an Urban Missions Student Leader today!

Want to lead an Urban Missions team next year? Applications are due TOMORROW! Print yours, fill it out and turn it in to Carole by 5 p.m. Wednesday. Contact her at if you have any questions!


Urban Missions team of the week: Restoration Haven Tutorials

This week’s team could really use some more volunteers TODAY!

What it is: We drive to Estella Maxey Apartment Complex in East Waco to help children with their homework and spend some time hanging out with them.

When it is: Monday at 4:15 p.m.

What we need: We’re looking for a few more members to help us tutor! Volunteers who can drive (it’s a short trip) would be especially helpful.

How to help: Meet us at the Bobo Spiritual Life Center at 4:15 today (or any Monday) to join. Contact to get involved. Hope to see you there!


Urban Missions team of the week: Ashton Oaks Kings Club

For the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring a few of our Urban Missions teams that could use more help this semester. First up is Ashton Oaks Kings Club!

What it is: We carpool to Ashton Oaks Apartment Complex to spent time with kids in the community. We play games, jump rope and read with them, and more!

When it is: Wednesday from 3:45 to 5:45

What we need: We’re looking for several more volunteers to join us for the rest of this semester! We could especially use some guys to play football with the boys at Ashton Oaks.

How to help: Meet us at the Bobo Spiritual Life Center at 3:45 tomorrow (or any Wednesday) to join, and/or contact to get involved. Hope to see you there!



Applications for spring break and summer 2014 BU Missions trips are due tomorrow. If you’re still looking for reasons to apply, here are a few from Carole Meriwether, coordinator for Urban Missions. She wrote this list for her team going to Eagle Pass over spring break, but many principles apply to all BU Missions trips.

Why do I think you should consider submitting a last-minute application to Eagle Pass tonight?
-To continue the work that was started last Spring Break. Baylor Missions believes in committing ourselves to a location and to our community partners for a few years.  Sometimes students go multiple years, sometimes they pass the baton to others.
-To engage in meaningful work over spring break and remind ourselves to slow down, notice the world around us and take the time to read a book to a child.  
-To learn about the world in which many live. Where they are faced with issues related to immigration, rural poverty, English as a second language and more.  Sometimes we learn best by seeing and hearing from others.
-To spend time in community over spring break with others who serve in Waco. Enjoy time with diverse group of students who want to serve and to learn and to engage with the world around them. 
-To learn more about yourself, about God and about missions.
Click here to view all trip opportunities and to begin your application. Traveling across the state or across the world for missions is an incredible and unique opportunity, and we hope you’ll take advantages of the chances this university provides to learn, serve and love our neighbors, wherever they may be.

Looking for the perfect way to finish your Thanksgiving break? Fill out your application for a 2014 #BUMissions trip! Anywhere from Washington, D.C., to Ghana, applications are due THIS WEDNESDAY, Dec. 4! #GoAndBeTransformed


PENLAND AND COLLINS RESIDENTS: Check out this new May trip! Get more information here.



Junior biology major Calley Jones leads the Waco Community Training Center Tutorials team, spending two evenings each week working with children in the East Waco community. Below, Jones explains the importance of her team’s work and why she commits her time to working at WCTC.

Q: What is your team, and when do you go to your site during the week?

A: I lead the Waco Community Training Center Tutorials team. We go out on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We leave the Bobo at 6. We spend about an hour there on Tuesdays, and about an hour and a half on Thursdays because we do a Bible study.

Q: What does your team do on a daily basis?

A: We go to a community center that is attached to a church.There’s a bunch of kids. A lot of the kids go to that church. They all know each other, and most of them are from fairly under privileged backgrounds. We tutor them in math and reading. Some of them have homework. If they don’t have homework, the teacher will give them a worksheet to work on. We basically just help them through the worksheet, but also build relationships with them, get to know them and ask them about their day, because they don’t always have people that invest much in them.

Q: What is your favorite part of serving at WCTC?

A: My favorite part about going is definitely the relationship-building. Seeing the light in a kid’s eyes when they get something or when they make a connection to you is wonderful.

Q: What is one of the best experiences you’ve had?

A: There’s a kid at the community center who always acts like the tough guy. People try to pick on them, he picks on them back. But when you get to know him, you can tell he’s actually a total softie. One time I was working at a table with him and a bunch of girls. He brought out this little tin of marbles he had. There were three marbles in there. Two of them were flat, floral marble-type things, and one of them was an actual marble. The girls kind of started laughing at him. They wanted his marbles and they were trying to steal them, but he got them back. At one point, the girls were off doing something else and he gave me the nice, round, pretty marble. He was like, ‘You should have one of these. Here, I’ll give you the pretty one,’ and he gave me that marble. I still have it. It was one of those moments that reminds me why I go.

Q: Why is it important to serve at WCTC?

A: We really do build relationships with those kids. When you can give them somebody they can look forward to—getting to see your face and getting to work with you someone they can talk to and depend on—that is so valuable, and it’s so great to see that happen.


There’s still some time left this #WacoWednesday! Listen to @carolemeriwether explain why she loves the city, and find more on our BU Missions Facebook page and YouTube channel. #LoveWhereYouLive


We’re featuring @talithakouminstitute for #FollowFriday! An organization working with at-risk children in South Waco and their families, Talitha Koum provides a therapeutic nursery and family counseling. Learn more at